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FSD-TD Series - Regulations & Standards

Approved Document B: Fire safety (ADB)

ADB is the UK government's guide to fulfilling the Building Regulations in terms of fire safety. It is available as a free download from the planning portal website.

It gives clear guidance on where fire dampers are to be used and what their performance or classification shall be. The BSB FSD-TD fulfils the ES classification and reference should be made to the model section to confirm exact time periods. These will generally be 120 minutes, but may be up to 240 minutes.

Health Technical Memo 05/02 (HTM05/02)

HTM05/02 is the Department of Health Firecode - fire safety in the NHS: Guidance in support of functional provisions for healthcare premises.

It basically underlines the requirements stated in ADB, requiring fire damper testing to BS EN 1366-2 and classification to BS EN 13501-3 - ES for escape routes etc).

It supersedes HTM81 and should be read in conjunction with HTM2025: Ventilation in healthcare premises, as it gives guidance on maintenance and testing.

Building Bulletin 100

BB100 is the Department for Children, Schools and Families document on Fire safety in schools.

It basically underlines the requirements stated in ADB, requiring fire damper testing to BS EN 1366-2 and classification to BS EN 13501-3 - ES for escape routes etc).

It also states: "For property protection, fire dampers should also satisfy LPS 1162".

Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order (RRFSO)

This is the regulatory requirement that allows people to self fire certificate their buildings. There are requirements for keeping testing and maintenance records for all passive fire protection equipment, which includes fire dampers.

BS EN 1366-2

The fire resistance test standard for fire dampers.

BS EN13501-3

The fire resistance classification standard that includes fire dampers.

BS EN 1751

The standard for aerodynamically testing dampers. This includes both casing leakage (as DW 144 requirements), blade leakage, torque and heat transfer.

Other publications

DW 144 (HVCA)

This states the general requirements for HVAC ductwork, including the use of fire dampers. It also states ductwork leakage limits. The BSB FSD-TF fulfils the requirements of classes A, B & C.

DW 145 (HVCA)

This document will give guidance on the whole process of the selection and installation of fire dampers, with responsibilities and project planning and guidance.

The Grey Book (ASFP)

This gives further guidance on the application and installation of fire dampers.


These are technical standards (AMD’s). They give similar guidance to ADB. They already include direct references to the application of European standards. They are obtainable as a free download from the Scottish Executive website.

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