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FSD-TD Series - Testing and Conformities

Certified by the Loss
Prevention Certification
Board to LPS 1162
View LPCB test info

Tested to EN1366-2. See installations section for full details.

Tested/assessed and achieved equivalent classification to:

ES Classification (BS EN 1366-2/BS EN 13501-3)    
About ES Classifications

    •  BSB FSD-TD-HF fitted with HEVAC Frame

         ES240 (E240S) - Blockwork/Masonry wall

         ES240 (E240S) - Concrete floor

    •  BSB FSD-TD-SA fitted with Sleeve & Angle Frame

         ES120 (E120S) - Dry Partition wall

         ES120 (E120S) - Blockwork/Masonry wall

    •  BSB FSD-TD-BF fitted with Batt Frame

         ES120 (E1120S) - fitted with Firetherm Intubatt

    •  BSB FSD-TD-CL fitted with Cleats

         ES120 (E20S) - Dry Partition wall

    •  BSB FSD-TD-AF fitted with Angle Frame

         ES120 (E120S) - Dry Partition wall

ES Classification (BS ISO 10294-1/2)

    • As BS EN 1366-2/BS EN 13501-3 above

Integrity only (BS 476-20/22 - ADB - fan off)

    •  BSB FSD-TD fitted with HEVAC Frame

         240 mins - Blockwork/Masonry wall

         240 mins - Concrete floor

    •  BSB FSD-TD fitted with Sleeve & Angle Frame

         120 mins - Dry Partition wall

         120 mins - Blockwork/Masonry wall

    •  BSB FSD-TD fitted with Cleats

         120 mins - Dry Partition wall

         120 mins - Blockwork/Masonry wall

         120 mins - away from wall associated with fire resisting ductwork

    •  BSB FSD-TD fitted with Z2000 Frame

         240 mins - Concrete floor

         240 mins - Blockwork/Masonry wall

Corrosion testing (ASTM B117)

    •  Tested and satisfies LPS 1162

FSD-TD Blade leakage (BS EN 1751)

    •  Class 2

Casing leakage (BS EN 1751)

    •  Class C

Aerodynamic testing (BS EN 1751)�

    •  Tested

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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