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Fully Addressable - Actuator and Wiring Details

Fully Addressable Control System

Actuator Options

The system will control and monitor any combination of fire and smoke dampers and offers monitoring of any manual reset fire damper. Control Options are available in 24V AC/DC or 230V AC, 24V 0-10v modulating and pneumatic operation. For further details, please refer to the FSD-TD Series product literature.

The damper actuators are powered locally to the dampers via a spur.

The ability to allow additional dampers to be added to the system at a later date up to the maximum permitted for the panel and to relocate damper addresses within zones, makes the addressable panel truly adaptable.

24/230V option wiring:

The actuator options are complete with two 1m flying leads. One 2 core plus earth for power and one 6 core for indication.
The 6 core are from the auxiliary switch to give open/closed indication.
S1 and S4 are the common and are linked
S2 gives closed indication at the point of 5° to fully closed
S6 gives open indication at the point of 80° to fully open
S3 and S5 are not used and thus should be isolated
This will effect a requirement for a 5 core cable.

Typical operation for FSD-TD Series BSB PM24-TF or PM230-TF Actuator

•  Power On - Damper open.
•  Power Off - Spring closed.
•  Opening time = <60 seconds.
•  Closure time = <30 seconds.

Typical operation for FSD-TD Series BSB PM24-NTF or PM230-NTF Actuator

•  Power On - Damper closed.
•  Power Off - Spring open.
•  Opening time = <60 seconds.
•  Closure time = <30 seconds.

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