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Fully Addressable Control Panels & Systems

Premier Electro Mechanical Control System

Introduction and Benefits

Software driven offering simplified installation and commissioning. Utilises data wiring in a loop configuration.

Can be configured to suit all types of system. Fully integrated and secure network provides an intelligent interface for building control.

The BSB range of fully addressable control panels are software driven and offer a powerful range of addressable control panels to suit all sizes of system.

The system provides for simplified installation and commissioning of the range of BSB dampers and additional devices by utilising data wiring in a loop configuration.

The panel can be configured to suit all damper building fire engineering strategies, from the most simple to the highly complex. Its fully integrated and secure network provides an intelligent interface for building control using the same network wiring parameters as a fire alarm system.

The ability to allow additional dampers to be added to the system at a later date without disruption to normal working practices makes the addressable panel truly adaptable and should be a consideration when designing new or refurbishing existing systems.

Panels may be networked together to provide for greater flexibility and more localised wiring. Networked panels may share the same cause and effect and therefore enable any damper to be viewed from any of the networked panels.

BSB offer a comprehensive range of associated panels that include I/O, Mimic and Graphic (PC) panels that provide complete flexibility.
In general, reference has been made to motor open, fail safe closed actuation (PM24-TF). For dampers with other types of operation such as fail safe open, motor open, motor closed and modulating motors, please refer to the BSB Technical Sales Office.

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