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The BSB Control Panels


Engineering consultants are well aware of the danger to life and potential damage than can be caused by the spread of smoke through buildings, even if confined to a small area.

Fire and smoke protection can reduce the risk to human life and minimise potential damage to property and contents.

In order to ensure maximum safety to any property, either old or new, a wide variety of systems and equipment needs to be carefully integrated. The smoke and fire dampers incorporated into the HVAC system perform a vital role and need to close immediately to contain fire and smoke and prevent their spread. There is also a need for immediate opening of the dampers to evacuate smoke and dangerous gases, which the range of BSB panels achieve through commands received.

BSB has put together a full range of damper control systems to offer simplistic single zone standard panels and multizone electro-mechanical panels through to addressable systems where greater numbers of dampers are installed.

Which System?

The Standard EM10, EM20 and EM30 panels provide individual damper status and zone control in an easy to specify format for the smaller projects. Off the shelf components for immediate manufacture allows site to receive and install these panels to meet with every increasing completion deadlines.
The Premier Control Panel’s simplistic use of relay logic allows for ease of manufacture and flexibility to suit site zoning and therefore installation and commissioning.
  Fully Addressable
The Addressable System allows for total flexibility through it’s industry standard software driven menu which provides for a full range of interface devices sitting on a data network.
For further details of the BSB range of Fire and Smoke Control Dampers, contact our Sales Office.

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Control Brochure

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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