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The BSB SC Series - Product Specifications

Material is 1.2mm galvanised coated mild steel to BS EN 10346 DX 51D Z275. Spindle covers are of “Top Hat” design to allow the use of clamps onto the flanges.

Nominal 100mm wide one-piece double skin airfoil interlocking blades.
Material is 0.7mm galvanised coated mild steel to BS EN 10346 DX 51D Z275.
Stainless steel blades (0.7mm) to grades 430 (1.4016) or 316 (1.4401) to BS EN 10088-2 are available.

Blade Spindles
Manufactured from 19mm steel tube, extending the full length of blade into and through the “blow through” bushes.
Material is 1.2mm galvanised coated mild steel to BS EN 10346 DX 51D Z275.
Optional is grade 316L (1.4404) to BS EN 10217-7.

Blade End-Seals
Manufactured from grade 301 (1.4301) stainless steel to BS EN 10088-2.

Operation via drive bars 3.2mm x 20mm in size, manufactured from bright mild steel to BS EN 10346 DX 51D Z275. Drive bars are positioned out of airflow, connected to blade spindles via crank arms.
Opposed blade operation is standard.
Installed on both sides of the flange case are cover plates to protect the linkage from dust or damage, in addition to minimising casing leakage to requirements of DW144 as standard.

Standard are “blow-through” bushes pre-formed into the galvanised steel flange casing, allowing the spindles to rotate freely.

Size Range
100mm x 100mm to 1200mm x 1200mm as a single section.

Damper Operating Temperature Range
BSB has tested the SC Series Smoke Control Damper at elevated temperatures for 8 hours. Our test reports 231297, 234486 and 27438 refer.

Test Specification
Conformance to DW144 as relevant. Salt corrosion tested for 28 days.

Resistance Test
Tested by BSRIA, report 15633/1 refers.

Leakage Test
Tested by BSRIA, report 15633/1 refers. See SC Performance Characteristics

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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